23. januar 2007

Six degrees of separation

Most of us are probably not more than 3-5 handshakes away from the President of the United States. According to the latest popularity polls, it seems that most of us prefer to keep him at least that many handshakes away in the future also. Well, that´s not the point here.

Given the fact that we are all linked together via just a few contacts and aquaintances, all inhabitants of the global village are practically just around the corner. Maybe.

Is it possible to locate a man, given only his photograph and first name? A UK games company is testing the power of the Internet by asking that very question; they have recruited one of Earth's 6 billion residents - a man named Satoshi - to participate in this experiment. We are each only five to seven people away from any target in the world. Someone, somewhere, knows Satoshi - so we must track these people, and thus Satoshi, down using word-of-mouth communication. People from over 80 countries are already participating in the hunt, with more joining every day.

Click here for more info.

By the way, I wonder if CIA has tried this method to find Osama...

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