9. juni 2006

On top

Some days are "Yuppie-days".

What is a "Yuppie-day"?

A "Yuppie-day" would be just like another working-day, with working-tasks, had it not been for the additional elements of formality, i.e. dark suit, white shirt, tie, black socks without holes, tidy manicure, water-combed hair, briefcase, polished shoes, polished smile and maybe a plane ticket.

In other words: Executive look. Sharp dressed. Cool. Important. Man of the world.

The morning turns out to be a bit more busy than normal.

Daddy needs to shave (no rough "dirty-look" today), button the shirt (carefully ironed the previous night) and windsor the tie in front of the mirror. Un-windsor it and unbutton the shirt after an enthusiastic bear-hug from a raspberryjam-sticky, affectionate five-year old. Turbo-iron a clean shirt, button it and windsor the tie while rushing past the mirror.

Five-year old clean, dressed and ready with lunch-box and bobby-pin, giving daddy an indulgent look. Rushing out the door. Rushing back in to check the iron. It's off. Hit the road to kindergarten.

Five-year old safe in kindergarten. Hug. Wave. - Check.


Well seated in the Airport Express Train. Double cortado, Stan Getz on the iPod, a last glance at the papers.

A sense of acknowledgement and even some discreet smiles from other travellers.

Executive look. Sharp dressed. Cool. Important. Man of the world.

Security check at the airport. As I carefully fold my jacket into a plastic box, I notice.

Just under the collar, hanging down the back like a merry streamer. A pair of panties, evidently used, butterside out, size five years, white and red with motif "Bamse, the strongest bear in the world".

Displayed on my suit the whole morning to the obvious amusement for the public.

A useful reminder of the things that count.

(Translated by request. Here is the original post)

11 kommentarer:

alliene sa...

How did I miss the original post!? Thanx for a great laugh on a busy, omportant, cool work day!

alliene sa...

Hm important, important, important! Well - there are worse ways of mis-spelling important!

EarlGrey sa...

Reading this had a strange effect on me - I got the beard-throwing-hot-rodding anthem Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top on my mind. Not exactly the effect I wanted, I must admit ;o)

Nice post, but I thought "Yuppie-days" all vanished with the fading ghost of the eighties?

Rambukk sa...

Earlgrey: Yep, those days are long gone, definitely. The term is supposed to illustrate the phoney feeling of immortality. We all need a reminder from time to time, don't we?

Rigmor sa...

Loved the post.
Based in the City, I see those Important Men everyday- but never with a pair of panties stuck to them. It would have made a nice change.

Rambukk sa...

Rigmor, next time in City, bring a pair and stick it to one of the suits, then spy on him for a while...

beepbeepitsme sa...

Personally, I would have enjoyed the vision of any suit wearer neing compromised in such a way :)

But what does that tell you about me?

I am an anachronism. A 70's child out of place in the corporate, "suit serious" world.

beepbeepitsme sa...

"Neing" is australian for "being."

It is used alternatively with "being" when an australian has just crawled out of bed. lol

laila sa...

Oh dear. Not before reading this post did I realise that the Norwegian "jappetid" translates to "yuppie time" and that yuppie means young urban professional. I always thought it had something to do with Japan!

Great story by the way. :)

Buddy sa...

What a wonderful story!

Two things come to mind:

- the universe or God reminded you how much you loved your son,

- people, in all their imperfections, are really beautiful

Thanks for stopping by my blog, man.

Rambukk sa...

Thank you all for your comments!

:a:l:l:i:e:n:e :
-glad you got it the right-wrong way!

-"Sharp Dressed Man" came to my mind as well, as I wrote the translation. However, I was never that kind of sharp dressed. Great song, by the way! (played loud and in a car)

You should really try!

Thanks for a great lesson of Australian "just out of bed"-language!

It might have something to do with Japan as well, who knows?

Yes, I love my kids. And yes, people, in all their imperfections are beautiful. And yes, we need reminders from time to time.